Thursday, 17 March 2016

Émotions Déchaînées (Unchained Emotions): Overcoming Disappointment

Good day everyone, sorry for the break. Today i would be writing on an issue every adult faces, which is DISAPPOINTMENT. Daily as we go through life's journey, we get let down  by friends, family members, colleagues, religious siblings/friends, neighbours and lovers.

To DISAPPOINT means to make someone unhappy by not being good as expected & DISAPPOINTMENT is the emotion felt when a strongly held expectation is not met.
It is easy to relate to disappointment because We have all faced this feeling in different areas of our lives. Nothing hurts more than putting your hope on someone and having it being shattered because of their intentional or unintentional act. Have you lost hope as a single person or lost hope on love.

We should never make an appointment on love with any person without checking in on God FIRST. Disappointment stretches our TRUST while building our character. God moulds us to the person He wants us to be through the disappointments we face.

It takes times to overcome a heartbreak and sometimes we even get mad at God which is normal. Then with time, we understand God's motive for such occurrence. With God's grace, you will overcome, He would sooth your pains and dry your tears. 

Be willing to let go of what is gone. Do not hold on to what left or what does not want to remain in your life. God would have brought it back if He wanted you to have it. Focus on the lessons you learned from this experience and surrender your HEART to God. Let him take hold of it till you find someone worth it.

Do not put your expectations on anyone, I repeat on no HUMAN. "Expect nothing from no one but expect everything from God." Place your expectations on God only. Humans would fail you because just like you, they have their shortcomings. 

Sometimes we withdraw into our shells or give up because we have been disappointed. We feel shutting down is the safest way to stay. Just like going through a broken engagement, you loose faith in love and withdraw into your own world.  This would not stop you from getting hurt again but rather having less expectations would prevent you from facing such fate again.

Ask God to get to the root issue of every disappointment you have faced,  let Him work on you and turn you to a MASTERPIECE. Trust him and soon, you too would be able to help others who are BROKEN. Dare to try again, so you will have a story to tell. 

Always accept that disappointments will come.
Believe everything has a reason and God has a plan for you. He wants the BEST for you because you are the apple of His eyes. Your job is to focus on the blessing/reason behind this disappointment. Find out how to turn this MESS into a MESSAGE. 

Find out what you did wrong. Do not put all your blame on the other person because as long as you keep doing that, you would get disappointed over and over again. What were your flaws?  Never run from the truth. Only you can tell yourself the truth.

You can only find your HOPE in God. We are a reflection of Him and God would always look good through us. He wants to see you happy, lively and grateful. He is a God of process and He is working on us. All we have to do is believe and never give up hope.

So today Beloveth, wipe your tears, take a shower, put on a nice outfit, look cute, eat whatever meal you want, take a drink of your choice to go with it, put on your Best behaviour and hit the streets. A nice stroll, a visit to the cinema or beach would help relax your nerves and make you feel better. If the devil try to steal your joy again, read this post and say a prayer to Your maker. 

I love you all and i pray we all overcome every pain of disappointment.

My post was inspired by Michelle Mckinney Hammond. God bless her real good. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Walk Into The World Of Godwin Obaseki

In a few weeks, Nigeria would stand still as Edo state takes a new governor. In the midst of multitude, one man stands out as the perfect candidate for the position of The governor of our culturally rich and colossal state. The new Lion of the great Edo state and a man who is not just full of vision and talk but of actions. His portfolio is very captivating and anyone who knows the value of good leadership would choose him a million times over just like our amiable Governor Adams Oshiomhole has done, by endorsing him personally. Enough said, let me introduce you to the fabulous Mr Godwin Obaseki, the man after the heart of Edo state indigenes.

Early Life
Mr. Godwin Obaseki was born in Benin City, Nigeria to the famous and illustrious Obaseki family.
He had his early education in St. Matthews Anglican Primary School Benin City from where he proceeded to Eghosa Anglican Grammar School, Benin City for his secondary school education. He attended the University of Ibadan where he obtained a BA in Classics.
Mr Obaseki attended the Columbia University and Pace University in New York and has an MBA in Finance and International Business. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers, Nigeria and an alumnus of the Lagos Business School Chief Executive Program.
He was nominated a Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT) by the World Economic Forum in 2001.

Godwin Obaseki began his career over 30 years ago and has established track records in Investment Banking, Asset Management, Securities Trading and the Public Sector both internationally and in Nigeria. 
He started out in 1983 with Capital Trust Brokers Limited Lagos as a stockbroker where he excelled and subsequently worked with International Merchant Bank (an affiliate of First Chicago Bank). In 1988 he joined AVC Funds Limited, Lagos where he served as a Project Manager and led the core team that set up two of the new generation banks which eventually reshaped the face of the banking industry in Nigeria. Between 1993 and 1995 he worked in New York as a principal of Equatorial Finance Co, a Financial Advisory firm with a focus on Africa and providing Structured Trade Finance for African related transactions through credit, financial advisory and risk insurance. 
He Founded Afrinvest West Africa Limited (formerly Securities Transactions & Trust Company Limited (SecTrust)) in 1995 as the pioneer Managing Director. The firm has since grown to become a leading Investment Banking and Investment Management firm in Nigeria. In 1995 SecTrust was appointed the correspondent stockbroker for Nigeria by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). In 1996, SecTrust established the first derivative product, the  Nigerian International Debt Fund (NIDF) on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, which allowed Nigerians invest local savings in US Dollar instrument. This fund has outperformed projections on returns.
SecTrust pioneered and was local adviser on the first global offering by a Nigerian bank through the issuance of Global Depositary Shares (GDS) to raise US $50 million from the international Capital market. Afrinvest has acted as advisers on some of the largest and most significant transactions in the Nigerian capital market since 2005.
Afrinvest is one of the most trusted advisory firms in the domestic corporate finance market, pioneering major innovations and providing leadership in the Nigerian Securities market. The Firm has advised on numerous landmark transactions including the first Eurobond Issue by a Sub-Saharan Africa Corporate (outside South Africa); the first ever simultaneous merger and tender offer transaction in Sub-Saharan Africa and the largest ever listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Afrinvest has been ranked as a major Investment Research firm which is at the forefront of playing instrumental roles in the introduction of new financing products such as Eurobonds and Global Depository Receipts to Nigerian Companies.
Mr. Obaseki is presently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the firm which  won the Best Asset Management Firm in Nigeria (2014) Award by the Wealth & Finance International Magazine Finance Awards.
Mr.Godwin Obaseki currently serves as the Chairman of the Edo State Government's Economic and Strategy Team (EST), a position he has held since March 17, 2009 Pro bono publico.

Key achievements as chairman of the economic team of Edo state Government include:
Documentation of State Economic Development framework through Sectors' Strategic Planning which is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis;
Introduction and enculturation of retreats as a platform to ensure all parties engagement not only in planning and executing state development initiatives but also in monitoring and evaluation of outcomes;
N25 Billion Infrastructure Development Bond from the Nigerian Capital Market in 2010;
$225 Million Concessionary rates Development Loan from the World Bank with the 1st Tranche of $75 Million already accessed;
Successfully hosted Sector based Economic Summits and Policy Dialogue Series including the Power Round Table in 2010, 2011 Education Round Table and 2012 Agribusiness Round Table. 
These summits have translated in measurable and desired outcomes including:
i. Azura-Edo IPP project with over $1 billion in FDI currently under development in Ihovbor, Uhunwode LGA
ii. Education Reforms which have translated to significant improvement in Educational Infrastructure and student performance in WAEC and other Exams.
iii. Following the 2012 Agribusiness Summit, the state has attracted investment in the Rubber Sub-sector for the development of the single largest Rubber Plantation project in Nigeria in Sokponba in Orhiomwon LGA under a privately developed and financed initiative;
iv. A framework for Local Economic Empowerment through out-growers schemes is being finalised to attract funding into the development of key crops for which Edo State has natural endowment including Oil Palm, Rubber, Cassava, Cocoa, Rice and other grains

Other Committee activities in Edo State Government 
1. Tax Assessment Review Committee for Edo State Internal Revenue Service (TARC) - Chairman
2. Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) - Chairman
3. Committee on the Implementation of the Law Establishing the Edo State University of Science and Technology, Uzaire - Secretary
4. Committee on Contributory Pension Scheme - Member
5. Edo SEEFOR/DPO Steering Committee - Member
6. Committee on the Report of the Audit of the Credentials of Teaching Staff in Public Schools in Edo State.
7. State Steering Committee on the European Union Assisted Niger-Delta Support programme (NDSP) Component 3 (Development of Edo State Water & Sanitation Policy and Law.

Professionally, Mr. Obaseki has served on the Presidential Committee on the Reform of the Nigerian Pension System. He also served on the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission Committee on the Re-activation of the Nigerian Bond Market and the review of the Investment and Securities Act. He served as a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Council between 2006 and 2009. He also serves on the board of some companies such as Dorman Long Engineering Limited, Pillar Oil Limited, Seric Impianti International Limited.

He was the founding secretary of a New York based US Africa Chamber of Commerce in 1992, which promoted US organisations doing business in Africa. He was a Director in Junior Achievement of Nigeria - the local affiliate of the worldwide Not for Profit organisation which trains students to appreciate market economy values. He also participates actively and serves as Trustee, in the Dr. Jackson Owen Obaseki Foundation, a family owned NGO which is involved in providing free educational and health services to the less privileged.

He has been a card carrying member of the All Progressive Congress (APC) since and has participated actively in all elections since 2009 and was Chairman Fund Raising Committee for the Oshiomhole-Odubu re-election bid in 2012.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Relationship Zone: When You Meet The Right Person

I came across this beautiful relationship post today on i hope you find it informative and entertaining as i did. 

We all have fears in our relationships, some more than others. Everyone has deal breaker(s): those turn-offs that prevent you from dating someone or stop you from taking a relationship to the next level. So at the end of the day, there are so many different things that determine how a relationship will turn out. However, meeting the right person cancels most if not all of these determinants because when you get to know and find the right person, you realize you don’t care about the things you thought you cared about because they’re enough for you. When you meet the right person, everything else won’t matter:

Your Meeting: Who cares about where you both met when you both are so perfect for each other? You will find that you won’t care or hesitate to tell it to anyone that wants to hear because your relationship is bigger than other people’s expectations for how a couple is supposed to be introduced to one another.

The Timing: When you meet the right person, it won’t matter that too many things are happening in your life or that you’re going through a lot emotionally. It won’t matter that you just got out of a relationship or that you’re dating other people or that you’re not interested in a relationship or that you simply don’t have time for dating at all because when that person comes along, you make time to get to know them better.

Your Past: You might have been through the worst of experiences or been unlucky in love before then. In fact, you had allowed the ghosts of your past to hunt your recent relationships. When you meet someone that is obviously special, you’re forced to reveal your state and deal with it together or you find yourself slowly letting go in the face of their love.

The Distance: Nothing can keep you both apart unless you allow it. Yes, long-distance is difficult. You wonder what the point of a relationship is if you end up alone in your bed and in your space most times. But when the special one comes along, the little things make it all okay. You both find a way to connect to each other and create a closeness that bridges the distance and you work around it until you don’t have to anymore.

When you meet the right person, all that matters is that person and the moments that are to be created and preserved with them.
-To Be Continued 

New Video Alert! Shalabanduch By Lexzy Doo

Popular A-list artist and one of hiphop music's forerunner in Nigeria Michael Adeyemi popularly known as Lexzy Doo and CEO of H.O.X Record is back with a bang. The artist who has been in the UK for some years now, has been working on other aspects of music production. Lexzy is back with not just a hot new video but a chat topping one too. 

The party jamz Shalabanduch was shot in London and directed by highly talented director Alex. The choreography in the video would soon take over already popular dance steps in Africa. The video is already been aired by Soundcity, Galaxy tv and other top television stations in Nigeria & the UK. 

Click on the link below to watch the video and move your body to Lexzy Doo's Shalabanduch. 


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Happy New Month Of March

Hello darlings, as february the month of love ends and march starts, may this month be fruitful. I pray you all experience showers of blessings, love, joy, protection, preservation, peace, divine favour, good health and breakthroughs. 

Have a happy new month of March. Love you all!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hey! Don't You Ever Give Up

Lately with the economic meltdown and downsizing of work force, most Nigerians having been going through one challenge or the other. I just thought i should uplift some lowly spirit and make someone happy. 

One of Nigeria’s top gospel artiste, Frank Edwards shared this testimony, at the inauguration of the Calvary Bible Church in Lekki. 
Read what he said below, "10years ago, i was hawking on the streets of Enugu for my mother. We were so poor that we could hardly afford to eat. But, my mother always took me to church. She always told me to serve GOD, and that is how I have lived my life.
Even when it was difficult to eat, i have always lived a life of worship. That is me. That is my life!
When I started singing, and my songs were being played everywhere, i had all kinds of offers. I was in South Africa for a program, and some promoters came to me and said, "Frank, your songs are so good, and we would like to promote you, take you all over the world. However, you mention JESUS too much in your songs. Replace JESUS with GOD and we can do business together." Brethren, that offer was very tempting. You would think, ‘what is the big deal about replacing JESUS with GOD?’ So, I called my mother, and told her about the offer. She said, "Don’t mind them o! Don't do it o! Holy Ghost fire burn all of them." So, I told them NO! Today, GOD has taken my music all over! It's a beautiful thing to see white people, Americans, singing my song, lgbo songs that they don't even know the meaning! GOD did it.

Sometime ago, we were concluding a program, and I was looking for a camera man to snap my picture with Don Moen. When eventually I got someone to take the picture, as I posed with Don, he looked at me and said, "Frank Edwards! It is you! I need to take this picture with you!" And he took his phone and showed me, "See, I have all your songs on my phone". We took the snapshot, and then he said, "Frank, I saw online that you have a studio in your home. I would like us to do collaboration together. I'm gonna come to your house for the first recording, and you will come over to mine in U.S. for the finishing." Me, the same street boy in Enugu, doing a collabo with Don Moen. Only GOD could have made it happen.
Live for GOD. Praise Him and thank Him even when things are not as you would have loved them to be. Do this, and the change will come!
Live a life of worship”

Frank Edwards and Don Moen are currently working on a song together. The American gospel artist gave Frank a BMW i8 car as a valentines day gift this year. 

I just want to share this piece and encourage someone that even though it looks gloomy now, you would be uplifted soon. 

Frank Edwards and Don Moen are currently working on a song together. The American gospel artist gave Frank a BMW i8 car as a valentines day gift this year. 

I just want to share this piece and encourage someone that even though it looks gloomy now, you would be uplifted soon. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentine's Day Celebrations Is Not For Me!!!

 It Is few days to St Valentines  day and the whole world is in a lovestruck/sales mode. Couples are running around trying to get their loved ones something special, entrepreneurs are selling or creating things that are connected with the season. There is love in the air but the strange part is not everyone is on the Valentines day train.

Some of their reasons includes, lack of a lover, a broken heart, a painful past experience, religious belief and much more. I am here to tell you today that even though the day is celebrated in remembrance of Saint Valentine, it does not have to be about romantic love alone. For all those saying it's a pagan festival like Halloween, nay it is not. It is a day to remember a Christian Priest who fought for love and helped couples years ago to protect their union. He loved selflessly and gave his blessings to young couples.

 For the broken hearted and those with a painful past experience, please let go and try to be happy. No matter what you do, you can not change the past but learn from it. Staying indoors or in a withdrawal mode, would only make things worse. Depression sets in and a whole lot of other things we would discuss in another post. 

Since the day is about giving and showing love (receiving love also #wink), we as humans have every reason to celebrate St. Valentines day. We should start by dropping the lame talk, 'VALENTINES DAY CELEBRATIONS IS NOT FOR ME' and think of how to make your loved ones/strangers happy that day. With the busy lives we are all living, it makes it difficult to express our love physically as much as we would want to and valentine's day gives us that special opportunity. So please my dear, drop your worries, sadness & ego and bring a smile on the face of at least one person. 

 That widow who sells recharge cards at the Kiosk at the beginning of your street would be glad if you showed her love with a gift. The children at the orphanage and childrens ward in the hospital would be excited about a pack of Caprisonne drink and chocolate. That lady in church who got jilted by her boyfriend of 2 years would appreciate a free movie ticket or a gift from you. That boyfriend who has always been supportive through life's journey, now is a chance to reciprocate and appreciate him. Show your family members too love by giving them a gift or treat as you do to your spouse/lover. Put a smile on someone's face, touch a life and create an impact as we celebrate love this Sunday. Hopefully i would be spending the day which happens to be my birthday also with a few loved ones. Below are a few gift ideas and treats for the special day. 

Have a happy valentines day celebration and love you all.

Photo Credit: Google